Academic Pricing

Save 50% with our academic discount

Personal Plan

Perfect for individuals. Everything you need to create e-learning.

one user, annually
For individuals

Teams Plan

The plan for academic institutions: collaboration, priority support, and more.

per user, annually
For teams of one or more
Finally! A multi-faceted approach to address the everyday needs of e-learning designers and developers! Articulate 360 hits the nail on the head.
Kimberly Bourque Valliere
E-Learning Developer

Pricing FAQs

Can I try Articulate 360 before I buy it?
Yes, we'd love for you to try Articulate 360. You can get a completely free trial of Articulate 360 for 30 days—no credit card required.
Can I get a volume discount?
Yes, we'll automatically apply a volume discount on Articulate 360 Teams accounts with 10 or more full-price seats at checkout. View discount details.
Are multi-year contracts available?
Yes. If you have at least five seats, you can work with your customer success manager or local reseller to lock in pricing for multi-year Articulate 360 plans.
Does everyone on my team need a subscription?
Anyone who wants to create content with Articulate 360 authoring apps will need a subscription. The Articulate 360 Teams plan is ideal for organizations and offers many additional benefits, including exclusive collaboration features for the authoring apps.
Can I transfer my Articulate 360 subscription or my employee's subscription to someone else?
Sure! Articulate 360 Teams customers can easily do that with the centralized billing and license management feature.
Can I pay for my subscription monthly rather than annually?
At this time we offer annual subscriptions only.
Do I have to buy Articulate 360 in USD?
We have authorized resellers all over the world who can take your order in your local currency. Many also offer valuable services such as course development and training.
Can I buy an Articulate 360 subscription on behalf of someone else?
Yes! With an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you can buy and manage seats for other people. (You can't buy a personal plan on behalf of someone else.)
I’m interested in Reach 360. How do I get started?
Reach 360 is available to purchase as an add-on to any existing Articulate 360 Teams plan. Get started with a 30 day free trial here. Please contact sales directly for pricing information.
Do you offer academic discounts?
Yes! Students, teachers, and employees at accredited academic institutions will receive 50% off Articulate 360 and Articulate 360 Teams. The discount is automatically applied once you verify eligibility during the checkout process.
Am I eligible for an academic discount?
We offer academic pricing to accredited K-12 schools as well as universities and colleges that grant academic degrees requiring a minimum of two years of full-time study.
Can I buy the applications that are available with Articulate 360 à la carte?
No, Articulate 360 is available only as a comprehensive subscription that provides everything you need throughout the course development process. For example, you cannot buy Storyline 360 or Studio 360 separately. You can still buy perpetual licenses of Storyline 3.
What more do I get with an Articulate 360 Teams account?
The Articulate 360 Teams plan gives your entire training group access to Articulate 360. Everyone on your Articulate 360 Teams plan will also get exclusive product features. For example, they can share and access team slides from within Storyline 360, and they can work together on the same Rise 360 course. With the Articulate 360 Teams plan, you can also manage user, license, and billing information online in one place. It's simple to assign seats to users, transfer seats as your team evolves, and manage user permissions. Plus, you get unlimited data storage, priority support, and regular check-ins with success coaches. And you can pay for your subscriptions with a purchase order if you need to. Articulate 360 Teams is ideal for organizations.
What does "user" mean in your pricing?
A "user" is a person who creates courses and other e-learning content with Articulate 360. For example, a personal plan is $1,099 per user, per year. That means one person can use Articulate 360 to create training content, which can be distributed to any number of people at no additional cost.
More questions?
If we haven't answered your question, please read our in-depth FAQs or contact our sales team via email or chat or reach out to a local reseller.
Is Articulate 360 FedRAMP® Authorized?
Articulate 360 is FedRAMP Authorized at the Low Impact SaaS (LI SaaS) level. Articulate takes data protection seriously. Learn more about our security and privacy practices at our Trust Center.
What is FedRAMP®?
The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies and federal agencies.

Renewal FAQs

I have an Articulate 360 subscription and my renewal is coming up. How do I make sure my subscription gets renewed?
Good news! We’ll automatically renew your subscription if you have a valid credit card on file. You can update your credit card in your account dashboard.
If you need to use a purchase order to renew your Articulate 360 Teams subscription, please upload your PO here.
How can I find out when my Articulate 360 subscription will renew and how much it will cost?
You can see your renewal date and pricing info on the billing tab of your account dashboard. If you have any questions about pricing or discounts (such as accessing volume discounts), please contact our sales team at
How can I update my payment info?
You can update your credit card information on your account dashboard. To use a purchase order to renew your Articulate 360 Teams subscription, upload your PO here.
How do I upgrade from a personal plan to an Articulate 360 Teams subscription?
Please contact our team at and they’ll help you update your account.
How do I change the number of seats on my Articulate 360 Teams account?
You can add more seats to your Articulate 360 Teams account right on your account dashboard account dashboard.
Contact if you have questions about changing your subscription.