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Create beautiful, inherently responsive e-learning with Rise. Using the latest web technologies, Rise automatically adapts courses for every device under the sun — you don't do a thing. It's responsive authoring the way it should be.

Gorgeously expansive

Give learners space to explore every detail on their desktops. Rise courses look beautiful on the big screen, automatically. You simply add text and media.

Richly compact

Inherently responsive, Rise courses adapt effortlessly to every tablet, every orientation. Whether they're on the couch or in the field, learners always have an optimal experience.

Minimally perfect

Rise makes every pixel count on the smallest screens. It hides menus, scales media, and reflows content so that it's right at home on any phone.

Author quickly on the web

A browser is all you need to create lessons optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Build courses online

Create responsive e-learning right in your web browser with Rise's intuitive features. No software to download, no learning curve.

Structure courses easily

Start with a course outline, or build it on the fly. Simply drag lessons to rearrange their order.

See what you've built

Preview individual lessons or your entire course before you publish to see how it'll look to learners on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Use blocks to create custom lessons

Unleash your creativity with the learning blocks in Rise. They're components you stack to create unique lessons that look gorgeous on every device, in every orientation.

Rise Blocks
Modular and flexible

Simply choose blocks from an extensive library and add content. Combine blocks in different ways to build unique, custom lessons—the possibilities are endless. While each block is stunningly pre-styled, you can easily create your own look by swapping in fonts and your brand color.

Dozens of block types

Add text, statement, quote, and list blocks to tell a story and call out important information. Build media-rich learning experiences with image, gallery, and multimedia blocks. Create lean-forward learning moments with interactive blocks. And encourage learners to master content before moving on with the continue block.

Storyline integration

Add a Storyline 360 module to your Rise course to get the best of both worlds: custom interactivity in a gorgeous, fully responsive course. Use the continue block in Rise to make sure learners complete the Storyline content in your Rise courses. You can choose to track the completion of a Rise course based on a trigger, quiz result, or the number of slides viewed in a Storyline block.

Dazzle with interactions

Get your learners swiping, tapping, and fully engaged. The interactive lessons in Rise are simple to build, fun to experience, and beautiful to behold on every device. You add text and media—Rise does the rest.


Let learners explore events on an interactive timeline.


Explain a linear process using interactive, media-rich steps.

Labeled Graphic

Describe key components of a graphic with interactive markers.

Sorting Activity

Give learners immediate feedback on their choices with a lean-forward sorting activity.

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Add screencasts

Create screencast lessons to demo software or give a quick how-to. It's simple to create Rise lessons from your Replay 360 and Peek screencasts.

Build quizzes

See what your learners know or simply pique their interest. You can easily build multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, and drag-and-drop matching assessments in Rise.

Add gorgeous imagery

Easily add beautiful images to your lessons. Right from within Rise, you can browse Content Library photos and illustrations—and insert them with one click. All 3+ million images in Content Library are royalty-free, with no cost and no attribution required.

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Collaborate on courses

Articulate 360 Teams Plan Only

Work together on Rise courses to finish projects fast. Invite team members to create and edit different lessons simultaneously or take turns fine-tuning the same one. Changes happen in real time, so everyone’s always working on the most recent version of your course. And with block templates, anyone on your Articulate 360 Teams account can share custom templates with the group.

Rise collaborators
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Get stakeholder buy-in

Finish projects faster with Articulate Review. Simply publish your Rise course, share the link, and watch the feedback from stakeholders roll in—all in one place. Subject matter experts (SMEs) can see the latest version, make in-context comments, and chime in on existing threads. And you can easily view, resolve, and respond to their feedback, keeping everyone in sync.

Rise just raised the bar and set the standard for multi-device e-learning development. Rise is what we've all been waiting for.
Jeff Kortenbosch, E-Learning Developer

Make IT happy

Unburden IT from software management headaches. Rise is a simple web app that publishes SCORM- and Tin Can API-compliant courses that play seamlessly in your LMS on any desktop, laptop, and mobile device your learners choose.

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