Articulate 360 Teams

Exclusive collaboration features, simple account management, priority support, and team access to award-winning Articulate 360

Award-winning authoring apps

Articulate 360 gives your team the right app for the job, always

Articulate 360 includes both Rise 360 and Storyline 360, plus a slew of other authoring apps. Rise 360 makes it easy to build fully responsive courses in minutes. Most teams find that it works perfectly for most of the courses they need to create. Your team can use Storyline 360 to develop custom, interactive courses that work on every device—without any manual tweaking. And your team can get the best of both worlds by adding custom interactions to Rise 360 courses with the Storyline block.

Rise 360 on multiple devices

Easy collaboration

Articulate 360 Teams includes exclusive product features that’ll make it easy for your team to collaborate on Storyline 360 and Rise 360 projects. They can build a shared collection of templates, slides, and scenes in Storyline 360 that anyone on the team can access, right from within the app. In Rise 360, they can create and edit courses at the same time. They can also share custom block templates built from learning blocks.

Rise 360 collaborators

Simple account management

Articulate 360 Teams lets you manage user, seat, and billing information in one place

Team administration

Add more seats, invite new users, assign group admins, and update user permissions in seconds.

Manage seats

View unassigned seats, see who already has a seat, add more seats, and transfer seats and content when your team changes.

Team Administration Screenshot
Manage seats

View unassigned seats, see who already has a seat, add more seats, and transfer seats and content when your team changes.

Seat Management Screenshot

Consolidated billing

Simplify budgeting and expense management. You'll get one annual bill that covers your Articulate 360 Teams seats. And the more you buy, the more you'll save with our volume discounts, offered exclusively to Articulate 360 Teams with ten or more seats.

Consolidated billing illustration

More assets, less cost

Lower design costs with the ever-expanding Content Library 360 in Articulate 360. With beautifully designed assets at their fingertips, everyone on your team can create pro-looking courses with fewer company resources.

Content Library 360 Editorial Picks on laptop
Laptop with Team

Professional development

Grow your team's skills. Articulate 360 Teams gives everyone access to exclusive live training webinars with industry-leading e-learning experts, including Tom Kuhlmann.

Faster project review cycles

Accelerate your team's projects by simplifying the review process. Everyone on your team can use Review 360 to get consolidated feedback from stakeholders on projects.

Clean Water Act on laptop

Health checks

Our success coaches check in regularly with you to make sure your team is happy with Articulate 360

High Five Success Coaches

Unlimited storage

Articulate 360 Teams includes unlimited storage, giving your team members all the room they need to collaborate on projects. They can post their biggest courses to Articulate 360 for review whenever they want—even those packed with large HD video, audio, and image files.

Illustration of file storage
Photo of Support Team

Priority support

Your team gets the help they need—when they need it. They'll receive priority email support, so they'll always jump to the front of the support queue. And they'll get instant access to support specialists via live chat.

Subscribe and save

Buy ten or more seats of Articulate 360 Teams to receive a volume discount.