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Articulate 360 has everything you need for course creation. We're adding new features and content continuously—and it's all included with your Articulate 360 subscription.

Rise 360

New interactions. More customization. Easier collaboration.

Phone with Rise 360 knowledge check block
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Knowledge check block

Let learners review what they've learned. You can now add multiple-choice knowledge checks to your custom lesson.

Phone with Rise 360 flash card interaction
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Flashcard interaction block

Make learning fun by adding interactive flashcards to your custom lesson. Display the flashcards all at once in a grid or stack them so learners flip through them one at a time.

Course cover photos on laptop
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Course cover photos

Customize the look of your course with a photographic cover. Upload your own image or easily search from an extensive library of gorgeous, royalty-free photographs.

Review 360

New emojis. More flexibility. Easier sharing.

Screenshot of emoji usage
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Emoji support

Express yourself. Use the emoji selector to give your Review 360 comments more personality.

Screenshot of prompt for commenting
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Comment without account

Make it even easier for reviewers to give feedback. Let them add comments without creating or signing in with an Articulate ID.

Screenshot of email activity summary
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Email digest

Choose to receive a summary of all Review 360 activity for the day rather than a separate email for each new comment.

Screenshot of exporting comments
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Export comments

Export the feedback you've collected on a content item to a CSV file or a PDF document for analysis, backup, or to meet regulatory requirements.

Content Library 360

New photos and videos. More templates. Easier sourcing.

Screenshot of Gianna photographic character
Available Now

Gianna photographic character

Use the new Gianna character in your courses when you need a confident-looking, stylish woman to guide the way.

Screenshot of Jet photographic character
Available Now

Jet photographic character

When you need a casual, youthful, versatile character, the new Jet character is a great choice.

Screenshot of template
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Vibrance template set

This beautiful new template set includes 35 slide templates, including two different media interactions, a pre-wired drag-and-drop, and a survey.

Storyline 360

New interaction style. More productivity. Easier font management.

Tablet with dial
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New dial style

We've added another built-in dial style to give you even more options for creating beautiful dial interactions easily.

Screenshot of replacing fonts
Available Now

Replace fonts

Quickly replace one font for another throughout your project. Choose the font you want to replace and the font you want to use instead, and Storyline 360 will swap out every instance of the font for you.

Screenshot of missing fonts
Available Now

Detect missing fonts

When you open an existing project, Storyline 360 will let you know if any fonts used are missing from your computer so that you can install or replace the missing fonts.

Screenshot of slide layer enhancements
Available Now

Slide layer enhancements

Keep the properties window open as you switch between layers, saving time and clicks. You can also set properties for and duplicate multiple layers at the same time.

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