We Are Committed to Diversity

We're building a team that looks like the world we live in and an environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel like we belong.

We honor individuals

We honor people's humanity in all of our disparate experiences, accepting each person as an individual with a story worth listening to. And we believe that honoring everyone's humanity means being committed to equity and justice.

“We heard over and over from many companies that their employees just aren't ready for the Look Deeper: Race course. But not from Articulate. Immediately, it was clear they weren't just checking a box. Wisely, they knew talking about the hardest topics first—race and racism—would pave the way for talking about anything else.”
Catherine Wigginton Greene
Executive Director of Content and Learning

Our journey in numbers

For nearly a decade, we've worked hard to increase gender diversity in our team

We've increased gender parity by 41% company-wide since 2011, from 34% women and non-binary folks in 2011 to 48% in 2022. Our executive team has evolved from 0% women in 2011 to 55% women in 2022.

Gender representation at Articulate (U.S. & international)
Graph of gender representation showing increase of women and non-binary Articulate employees from 34% in 2011 to 45% in 2020.
Gender representation at Articulate (U.S. only)
Graph of gender representation showing increase of women and non-binary U.S.-based employees from 2011 to 2020.

Diversity matters

For the last few years, we've been intensely focused on increasing representation of people of color at Articulate.

We're committed to hiring a diverse workforce that more accurately reflects the demographics of the U.S. and supporting historically marginalized employees at every level in the organization. As of 2022, 27% of our U.S.-based team doesn't identify as White. Our BIPOC representation in the U.S. has increased from 14% in 2018 to 27% in 2022.

Ethnic representation at Articulate (U.S. only)
Graph of ethnic representation showing increase in percentages of U.S.-based employees who identify as Hispanic and Black.
Ethnic representation at Articulate (U.S. & international)
Graph of ethnic representation showing that a larger percentage of combined U.S. and international employees identify as Asian.

Our journey in actions

  • 2011 Hired our first female executive
  • 2015 Created our first employee resource group (ERG) for people who identify as women
  • 2017 Formed the first diversity, inclusion, and belonging committee
  • 2017 Started an ally-focused ERG
  • 2018 Created a diversity and inclusion framework
  • 2018 Conducted our first employee engagement survey
  • 2018 Formalized employee resource groups guidelines
  • 2018 Developed new hiring practices to build diverse candidate pipeline
  • 2018 Created diversity, inclusion, and belonging goals
  • 2018 Joined the Professional Diversity Network
  • 2018 Hired our first full-time employee to focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • 2018 Formed the Black Articulate Solidarity Experience (BASE)
  • 2018 Started requiring all employees to take Look Deeper: Race training
  • 2019 Formed the Latinx ERG
  • 2019 Formed the Prideticulate ERG
  • 2019 Launched the monthly Diverse Speaker series
  • 2020 Established a Human-Centered Organization (HCO) framework
  • 2020 Established annual Cash 4 Change program and gave first $100,000 donation to organizations promoting social and/or environmental justice
  • 2020 Added Juneteenth as official Articulate holiday
  • 2020 Created and distributed free online course on Creating Social Change
  • 2020 Developed Service Sabbatical program to support volunteerism on human and civil rights
  • 2020 Established matching employee donation program to organizations engaged in human rights, social justice, and environmental health
  • 2020 Formed the Disability Alliance ERG
  • 2020 Formed the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander ERG
  • 2020 Established compensation structure for ERG leads and DIBS committee members
  • 2021 Hired first Chief Culture Officer
  • 2021 Continued Cash 4 Change program with annual commitment of $100,000 donation to organizations engaged in human rights, social justice and environmental health, nominated and selected by employees
  • 2021 Launched All Voices anonymous reporting and feedback platform

Our commitment

The top executives at Articulate are deeply committed to nurturing a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds belong. Our diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIBs) framework has the following five pillars.


Access, success, and equity

We're committed to hiring people with minoritized identities and supporting these employees at every level in the organization. We employ inclusive hiring strategies, coach managers on inclusion, and regularly audit salaries and development opportunities to ensure equity company-wide.



We're creating thriving spaces and positive experiences for all employees. Our employee resource groups (ERGs) create a sense of belonging, cultivate relationships, and build support structures between people with similar backgrounds and experiences. We incorporate DIBs programming into our annual company retreat and sponsor professional development organizations focused on marginalized communities.



We're continuously expanding our capacity to support each other across various identities. We offer training and coaching to help our team understand how to build and participate in an inclusive culture—at work and throughout their lives. For example, every Articulate employee participates in "Look Deeper: Race" training, which includes discussions on how we collectively build a diverse culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging amongst our Articulate and Rise.com teams. We also regularly hold virtual lunch and learns, have virtual guest speakers, and offer educational e-learning courses on celebrations and histories of various cultures.



We work to provide employees with clear guidance and institute company-wide practices that support our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our DIBs committee is composed of a rotating group of Articulate employees (including executives) who foster a culture where employees feel empowered, accepted, respected, valued, and safe in all our differences. The committee explores ways we can improve practices related to DIBs and develops strategies for strengthening the hiring, support, and retention of underrepresented employees.



We measure how we are doing meeting our diversity and inclusion goals through an annual engagement survey. The DIBs committee analyzes results, highlights themes, and makes recommendations for improvement.