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Playback is disabled because there's an issue with the video's codec

Article Last Updated Dec 1, 2015

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This can happen if the codec required to play your video in Video Encoder ’09 is not installed in your system. Although playback is disabled, Video Encoder ’09 will still allow you to edit and publish the video to .FLV.

To enable playback of the video in Video Encoder ’09, you need to install the required codec on your system.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Download the latest version of the K-Lite Codec Pack.
  2. Install K-Lite Codec Pack.

This will install several of the most commonly used codecs and should allow you to playback your video in Video Encoder ’09.

If, after installing K-Lite Codec Pack, you’re still not able to play the video, you need to figure out what codec was used to encode the video, and install that codec.

To determine what codec was used to encode the video:

  1. Download and install GSpot.
  2. Click File -> Open.
  3. Browse to and select your video.
  4. The Video category displays the video’s codec.

After you figure out what codec was used to encode your video, you will need to install that codec on your system. You can do a web search for that particular codec and see if it is possible to install that codec.

Note: Some videos are encoded with proprietary codecs that may not be able to play in Video Encoder ’09.  The following products reportedly use proprietary codecs:

  • Final Cut Pro (Apple motion jpeg codec)
  • Avid Media Composer