404 error for notessmallx.swf and notesbigx.swf

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You may receive a generic 404 error message when viewing a presentation that does not contain any Presenter Notes. This is a known issue that has been submitted to our Quality Assurance team. To workaround this issue, add Presenter notes to each slide. You can do something as generic as include the slide title. If you don't want to display Presenter notes, you can disable them. Here's how:

  1. Go to Articulate > Player Templates.
  2. Go to Navigation > Navigation Tabs.
  3. Uncheck the Notes tab.
  4. Go to Player Controls > Player Controls.
  5. Uncheck Show slide notes button at bottom.
  6. Save the player template.
  7. Publish selecting the new player template in the Publish dialogue under Properties > Player Template.

This will allow you to publish a presentation that includes Presenter notes that are not visible to the end-user. They will also prevent any 404 error messages.