Articulate 360 FAQs: Sales and Support

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An Articulate 360 subscription gives you access to all our e-learning tools, plus so much more. See these FAQs for answers to common sales and support questions.

What is Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 is everything you need for course development in one convenient subscription. Take a tour here.

Articulate 360 includes several award-winning authoring tools, a new responsive-authoring app, screencasting apps, an ever-growing library of course assets, an online tool for review and collaboration, and exclusive training webinars by industry experts. Watch this video to choose the right Articulate 360 tool for every job.

And check out these overview videos to learn more about authoring multi-device courses, sourcing assets, collaborating with stakeholders, and growing your e-learning skills—all with Articulate 360.

What's the difference between Articulate 360 and Articulate 360 Teams?

Articulate 360 Teams includes all the benefits of a personal Articulate 360 subscription plus easy team management, seat management, consolidated billing, priority support, and unlimited storage space. You'll also have the option to subscribe to Reach 360, a flexible, cost-effective add-on to your existing Articulate 360 Teams plan that enables your organization to reach more learners.

The Articulate 360 Teams plan is ideal for organizations. Teams get exclusive product features that help users collaborate, including shared team slides in Storyline 360, collaborative authoring in Rise 360, and shared block templates in Rise 360.

Is there a free trial period for Articulate 360?

Yes! You get a 30-day free trial of Articulate 360, no credit card required. Click here to sign up.

You have access to all Articulate 360 apps and a subset of Content Library 360 templates and characters during the trial period. And you can invite up to 10 additional users to join your trial team. It's a great way to check out the exclusive collaboration features you get with Articulate 360 Teams. Learn more about free trials.

I want to subscribe to Articulate 360 but can't use cloud services. Can you help?

Yes. We understand that some organizations aren't authorized to use online or cloud-based services. We have solutions for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

How much does an Articulate 360 subscription cost?

The annual subscription rate is $1099 for Articulate 360 and $1,399 for Articulate 360 Teams. We offer the following discounts on Articulate 360:

  • Volume discounts for Articulate 360 Teams orders of ten or more full-price seats.
  • Discounts for Storyline and Studio customers who have unredeemed Platinum Membership Plan (PMP) upgrades. Contact us for details.

See this article for pricing details.

Why is my serial number invalid when applying for an Articulate 360 discount?

Your existing Articulate license may be invalid for a discount if:

  • It's not a qualified product.
  • It's part of a special license agreement.
  • It has been canceled.
  • It has already been used for a discount.

If you have any questions or need help, please connect with us at

Are monthly subscriptions available for Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 is only available via annual subscription.

What payment options are available for Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 subscriptions are available via credit card payment.

Articulate 360 Teams subscribers also have the option of paying via purchase order.

Can I buy an Articulate 360 subscription on behalf of someone else?

For personal Articulate 360 subscriptions, users must purchase their own subscriptions with their own Articulate IDs.

For Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions, you can buy and manage user seats for other people. And team subscriptions have flexible account management, so you can transfer seats to other users when team members leave the company or their roles change. (In each 12-month period, you can transfer seats up to two times the number of seats in your account. For example, if your team has 10 seats, you can make up to 20 transfers per year.)

When you purchase an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you're automatically the account owner and an admin for the team. If you purchase on behalf of someone else, you can assign others to be admins for the team or request to transfer the account ownership to someone else. Watch this video to learn more about team management, and check out this article for details on the different roles in a team.

If you purchase multiple subscriptions, you can use different organization addresses for each subscription, which may differ from the billing address. The organization address determines taxation, while the billing address is for payment validation.

Can I upgrade my Storyline or Studio license to Articulate 360?

Yes, you can begin the checkout process here to determine your exact price or view our pricing options for more detailed information.

What is Articulate ID?

Articulate ID is your single sign-on solution to access all things Articulate. Use your Articulate ID to sign into Articulate 360, download software, make store purchases, and participate in the E-Learning Heroes community. See this article for details.

What is the Articulate 360 desktop app and how do I use it?

The Articulate 360 desktop app is your ever-present control center for all the tools included with your subscription. It's where you:

  • Install, launch, and update desktop-authoring apps, such as Storyline 360 and Studio 360, with a single click.
  • Get instant notifications when updates are available so you always have the latest features.
  • Have one-click access to web apps, such as Rise 360 and Review 360.
  • Manage your account and profile.

The Articulate 360 desktop app is always just a click away. It runs quietly in your computer’s system tray (by the clock). Just click the Articulate 360 icon when you need it.

Learn more about the Articulate 360 desktop app.

Why can't I sign into the Articulate 360 desktop app?

There are a few reasons you might not be able to sign in to the Articulate 360 desktop app, such as a firewall blocking your access or an issue with your email address or password. See this article for solutions.

Can I change my Articulate 360 payment information online?

Yes. You can change your payment method in your account settings.

Is my Articulate 360 data safe in the cloud?

Yes. Articulate 360 services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We secure data on our servers and network traffic with the most advanced encryption technology publicly available, 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption and 2048-bit RSA public keys.

As part of our business continuity plans, in the case of disaster, we practice automated, routine, and frequent data backup and recovery. We store backups in a redundant way and test recovery frequently to reduce the likelihood of data loss and minimize downtime in a large-scale disaster.

You can learn more about our commitment to security and privacy at our Trust Center.

Is Articulate 360 SOC 2 compliant?

Yes, Articulate 360 is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Contact us at for our SOC audit report, and let us know if you have any questions.

Is Articulate 360 FedRAMP Authorized?

Yes, Articulate 360 is FedRAMP Authorized. Our FedRAMP sponsor, Health and Human Services, has signed a three-year ATO valid until Feb 2026. See Articulate 360's FedRAMP Marketplace listing for more information.

Does Articulate ship installation discs through the mail?

Articulate software is available via electronic (download) delivery. Shipping isn't available.

You'll receive an email a few minutes after placing your order with download instructions.

You can download (or re-download) your Articulate software at any time. You’re also welcome to burn a copy of the installation file (the *.exe installer) to a CD or DVD for your own backup purposes.

Can I purchase Articulate 360 apps individually?

No. Articulate 360 is a holistic suite of interconnected apps for all your e-learning needs—from authoring (Storyline, Studio, Rise 360, Replay, and Peek 360) to sourcing assets (Content Library 360) to collaborating (Review 360) to training (Articulate 360 Training).

Articulate 360 apps are thoughtfully integrated and work best together. For example, you can download Content Library 360 templates and characters from within Storyline 360, then you can publish from Storyline 360 to Articulate 360 to collect feedback with Review 360.

Do you offer academic discounts for Articulate 360?

Yes, we offer steep discounts for qualified academic institutions and students. See this article for pricing options.

When you're ready to place an order with your academic discount, start here.

How do I buy software for my tax-exempt organization?

We can set up a tax-exempt account for your organization. Just send us your tax-exempt certificate and email address.

Can I transfer my Articulate software from one computer to another?

Yes. Just uninstall the Articulate 360 apps from your old computer, then install the Articulate 360 desktop app on your new computer and sign in with your Articulate ID. See these articles for details on uninstalling and re-installing your apps:

Can I transfer my Articulate 360 subscription to another user?

Personal Articulate 360 subscriptions can't be transferred. However, if you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, admins can transfer access from one user to another when team members leave the company or their roles change. See this article to learn about managing users, groups, and admins. (In each 12-month period, you can transfer seats up to two times the number of seats in your account. For example, if your team has 10 seats, you can make up to 20 transfers per year.)

What happens to users' data when they're removed from an Articulate 360 Teams subscription?

When you remove a user from your team, their Articulate 360 apps stop working. You must transfer their shared content to another team member. Then decide whether to include their personal online content in the transfer or keep them with the user's Articulate ID. Content includes Rise 360 content, block templates, question banks, Review 360 items, and Storyline 360 team slides. See this article for details.

Will my Articulate 360 apps stop working when my subscription expires or I'm removed from a team subscription?

Yes. When your trial period or subscription term expires, your apps will stop working. You can re-enable them by buying or renewing a subscription.

Will you delete all my data when my trial or subscription expires?

We'll keep your online content on our servers up to six months after your paid subscription expires or your free trial ends. Personal online content—including Rise 360 content, question banks, block templates, and Review 360 items in personal folders—is tied to your Articulate ID. This means you'll regain access when you subscribe using the same account within six months. However, shared content, such as Storyline 360 shared team slides and Review 360 items in team folders, stays with the expired trial or subscription. We can help you transfer that content if needed.

Let us know if you want us to delete all your data immediately, and we'll take care of it right away.

Can I continue using my current Storyline, Studio, and Replay licenses after subscribing to Articulate 360?

Yes, you can keep your current software and licenses. There's no need to return them to us when you purchase an Articulate 360 subscription.

If you have Storyline 1, Storyline 2, Storyline 3, or Replay 1, you can use them on the same computer with your Articulate 360 apps. (Studio '09 and Studio '13 can't be installed on the same computer with Studio 360.)

Also, be aware that content items created with older versions of Storyline, Studio, and Replay can be upgraded to their Articulate 360 counterparts, but content created with Storyline 360, Studio 360, and Replay 360 can't be opened, edited, or published with previous versions of the apps.

What is the export classification for Articulate 360?


Can I cancel my Articulate 360 subscription at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription at any time, but we don’t offer pro-rated refunds. Just fill out this cancellation form.

When you cancel your subscription, your Rise 360 content and Review 360 items will remain intact on our servers for six months after you cancel your subscription unless you delete them before cancelling. Anyone who has direct links to your Rise 360 content will still be able to view them. And anyone who has direct links to your Review 360 items will still be able to view them and add comments.

After you cancel, learners will still be able to view published courses that you host on your own web server or LMS.

See this article for details about what to do before cancelling and what happens to your apps and content after cancelling.

What are the terms of service for Articulate 360?

You can find the Articulate 360 terms of service here.

On how many computers can I install my Articulate software?

The Articulate 360 Terms of Service entitle a single user to install Articulate software on a maximum of two computers, such as a home computer and a work computer. If you need to install it on additional computers or would like more than one person to use it, you'll need to purchase an Articulate 360 Teams subscription and add user seats as your team grows.

What are the system requirements for Articulate 360?

See this article for a complete listing of all hardware and software requirements for Articulate 360.

Which ports and URLs are required to use Articulate 360?

Port 443 is necessary to use Articulate 360. And if your firewalls are blocking access to Articulate 360, ask your IT staff to add to your allowlist. See these articles for more security details:

Who owns the copyright to e-learning courses I create with Articulate software?

You own the rights to all content you create. You may post it to any website or LMS, distribute it to any audience, and charge learners a fee to access it.

Trial versions of Articulate software are fully functional but shouldn't be used for live production work.

How can I get customized training for my organization?

Visit our training page and choose custom onsite training or custom web training.

Where can I get help?

We provide free, award-winning support to all of our customers. You get:

  • Unlimited support cases. Ask for help whenever you need it, 24 hours a day. Just submit a support case and you'll receive an answer from a real person.
  • Community help. Visit the vibrant E-Learning Heroes community forums to seek advice from the largest, most engaged e-learning community in the industry (600,000+ members and counting). We have a dedicated forum for Articulate 360 discussions.
  • Live chat support. If you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you can also live chat with our support engineers Monday through Friday. Just click the Live Chat option on the Articulate 360 Teams support page.
  • The Rapid E-Learning Blog. Get practical, real-world tips for e-learning success from Tom Kuhlmann, Articulate's e-learning guru.
  • Knowledge Base. Search for information within our knowledge base. It has a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed.

See also: Articulate 360 support agreement.