Articulate 360 FAQs: Teams

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Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions give you simple account management, priority support, and team access to Articulate 360. See these FAQs for answers to common questions about teams.

What's the difference between Articulate 360 and Articulate 360 Teams?

Articulate 360 Teams includes all the benefits of an individual Articulate 360 subscription plus easy team management, seat management, consolidated billing, priority support, and unlimited storage space. The Articulate 360 Teams plan is ideal for organizations and offers many additional benefits, including exclusive collaboration features, such as shared team slides in Storyline 360 and collaborative authoring in Rise 360.

Can I buy a subscription on behalf of someone else?

Although you can’t purchase individual Articulate 360 subscriptions on behalf of someone else, Articulate 360 Teams subscriptions are ideal for this scenario.

When you purchase an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you automatically become the account owner and an admin for the team. If you’re purchasing on behalf of someone else, you can remove yourself from the admin role and designate others to be admins for the team. Here’s how to add and remove admins.

Can I add more user seats to my team later?

Yes, the account owner can buy more seats as your team grows. Sign in to your account management console, then click either Manage Team or Billing on the left side of the screen. Click Buy More Seats and make your selections. See this article for details and answers to common questions.

Is there a tutorial to help me manage my team?

Yes. See this article to get started with Articulate 360 Teams. And see this user guide for even more details.

Can I import users for my team all at once?

Yes. Just list their email addresses in a CSV file and upload it to your account. See this article for details.

Can individual users be assigned to more than one subscription?

No. Each user can be a member of only one team.

What happens to users’ apps and data when they're removed from a team?

When you remove users from your team:

  • Their Articulate 360 apps stop working.
  • Their content remains intact for at least six months. Anyone who has direct links to their Rise 360 courses and Review 360 content items can still view them. And if they shared team slides in Storyline, those slides remain available for the rest of the team to browse and download.
  • Their existing Rise 360 courses and Review 360 projects can't be edited. (Tip: Users can transfer ownership of Rise 360 courses to other team members before leaving the team if you'll need to edit them later.)

If you later add users back to your team, their apps will start working again, and they’ll have access to all the Rise 360 courses and Review 360 content items they previously created.

Can I swap users in and out of seats?

One of the benefits of an Articulate 360 Teams subscription is that you can reassign seats when team members leave the company or their roles change. However, you can't frequently swap multiple people in and out of the same seat. In each 12-month period, you can transfer seats up to two times the number of seats in your account. For example, if your team has 10 seats, you can make up to 20 transfers per year.

When a seat is transferred from one user to another, what happens to the first user's content?

The first user's content will remain on our servers for at least six months. Rise 360 courses can be viewed but not edited. Review 360 projects can be viewed, and stakeholders can post comments. Shared team slides in Storyline can still be browsed and downloaded into courses by other team members.

Can more than one author work on the same Rise 360 course at the same time?

Yes! Articulate 360 Teams get exclusive product features that help them collaborate, such as Rise 360 collaborative authoring. Team members can create and edit different lessons in the same course at the same time or take turns fine-tuning the same lesson. Learn more.

Are there any collaborative features that work across teams?

Yes! In fact, you can add as many collaborators to a Rise 360 course as you like (as long as they have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription) even if they are from other teams. Click here to read all about it.

To get feedback from stakeholders, whether they have a subscription or not, you can publish your course to Review 360. Learn more about it here.

For members of the same team, you have two additional collaborative tools: Storyline 360 team slides and Rise 360 block templates. You can read more about those right here.

How does my team use Review 360 to collaborate on projects?

Review 360 is a web app for collaborating with stakeholders on e-learning projects. You simply publish a course to Articulate 360 where you use Review 360 to collect feedback. Then update your project with the recommended changes and keep everyone in sync with the latest version of the course. Change management just got a whole lot easier.

Take a tour of Review 360 to learn more. Watch this video overview to get started. And check out this user guide on the review process. It'll explain to your stakeholders how to use Review 360 to collaborate on e-learning projects.