Articulate Online User Guide

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We’re shutting down Articulate Online on December 31, 2021. Learn more.

This user guide shows you how to use Articulate Online to track learners' progress and results for Storyline and Studio courses. Articulate Online is a powerful yet intuitive way to track and report how your audience interacts with e-learning content.

  1. Publishing Content Directly to Articulate Online
  2. Manually Uploading Published Content
  3. Controlling Who Sees Your Content
  4. Giving Users Access to Your Content
  5. Setting Up and Using a Guestbook
  6. Using Tags to Categorize and Filter Content Items
  7. Setting Up New Users and Groups
  8. Adding Existing Users to Groups
  9. Importing Users
  10. Generating Random Passwords for Users You Plan to Import
  11. Generating Reports
  12. Using the Articulate Online API