Articulate Online: Using Tags to Categorize and Filter Content Items

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Articulate Online offers the option of tagging your content with whatever key words or phrases you choose. Tags help you categorize and filter the e-learning content in your account. You can use one or multiple tags on any content item.

Tagging Your Content

Here’s how to apply tags to a content item:

  1. Select the Content tab and choose the course, quiz, or Engage interaction you want to tag.
  2. Click Tags.
  3. Type any tags you want to assign to that content. The tags can be any words or short phrases that will help you sort and filter your content later. It’s okay if a tag has multiple words. It’s also okay to assign more than one tag to the same content item — just separate the tags with commas.
  4. Click Add Tag to apply any tags you’ve typed.
  5. When you’re tagging content, it can be helpful to see tags you’ve already applied to other content, in case you want to tag the current item similarly. Click Show tags from my other items. To apply any of the tags shown, just click it.

Using Tags

When you click the Content tab in Articulate Online, you can use tags to filter the list of content:

  1. Click the yellow Tags button to filter your view.
  2. When your list of tags appears, click any tag to see content related to that tag. You can keep clicking additional tags to narrow the view even further.

Your users can take advantage of tags in a similar way, if you’ve enabled the Articulate Online user portal — and if your user portal settings are set up to show the tags. To find out, click the Settings tab, and then choose User Portal Settings. If your user portal is enabled, and if the Show tags box is marked, then when users log in and see their content, they’ll have a yellow Tags button at the upper-right of their content list. They can click that and then click the tags of their choice to filter what’s shown.

Removing a Tag

If you change your mind about a tag and need to remove it, that’s easy to do:

  1. Click the Content tab and choose the item whose tag you need to remove.
  2. Select Tags.
  3. When that content’s tags appear, click the X next to any tag you want to remove from the content.