Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: Creating Quizzes with Freeform Interactions

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create interactive quizzes in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 with highly customizable freeform questions.

Watch this video demonstration, then follow the activities below to practice.

We’ll create a freeform pick-many question in this tutorial. To learn more about the freeform drag-and-drop question referenced in the video above, see this tutorial.

Practice Activities:

  1. Convert a Static Slide to a Freeform Pick-Many Question
  2. Identify Your Answer Choices

Practice Activity: Convert a Static Slide to a Freeform Pick-Many Question

Pick-many questions behave like multiple-response questions, but instead of using text as answer choices, you can use objects—pictures, characters, shapes, buttons, and more.

  1. Open the Storyline folder in your practice files, then open the 04B_Quiz_Freeform_360.story file and go to the second slide in the project.

    There are duplicate slides in the sample project. The first slide is a demo so you can preview the finished example. We’ll use the second slide to recreate the freeform question in this tutorial.
  2. To convert this slide to a pick-many question, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Convert to Freeform.
  3. Select Pick Many and click OK. Storyline will automatically add quizzing elements to the slide and switches you to Form View where you can identify which items are clickable (see the activity below).

Practice Activity: Identify Your Answer Choices

Next, identify the answer choices for your question. In this example, there are six clickable items.

  1. Click the first cell in the answer grid. A list of all the objects on the slide will appear, and as you scroll over the objects in the list, they’ll be outlined in red in the preview area on the right side of the screen. Click the avocados object to select it.
  2. Click the each of the next five cells in the answer grid and select the other answer choices: bananas, grapes, pie, ice cream, and oranges.
  3. Lastly, mark the boxes for the correct answer choices: avocados, grapes, ice cream.

We’ll leave the feedback and scoring options as they are for this example. Click the Preview drop-down arrow on the ribbon and select This Slide to test your pick-many question.


You've learned how to create interactive quizzes in Storyline using customizable freeform questions. To learn more about freeform questions, see these user guides:

In the next tutorial, you’ll learn how to track quizzes with result slides.