Articulate Online: How to Suspend Your Account

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You can temporarily suspend your Articulate Online account, rather than cancel it, if your learners won't need access to any courses for a period of time.

How is suspending my account different from canceling it?

When you suspend your Articulate Online account:

  • We keep all your data intact, including account settings, content items, users, and custom reports.
  • You can run reports and manage users—and even add new users.
  • Users can’t view courses while your account is suspended.

When you cancel your Articulate Online account:

  • We permanently delete the account and all of its information.
  • No one can access the account after it has been canceled.

How much does it cost to suspend my account?

You can suspend your account for $99 per month.

How do I suspend my account?

Click here to suspend your account. And add your original order number, serial number, or account name to the comments field so we can identify your account.

How do I reactivate my account?

Contact us at when you're ready to reactivate a suspended account.