New Features in Storyline 3 Provide More Ways to Create Interactivity

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Interactivity makes learning fun and effective, and with Storyline 3, you now have more ways to create engaging interactions that grab learners' attention, including new dial interactions, new trigger events, and enhanced motion path animations.

Let learners manipulate data and slide content with new dial interactions. Customize prebuilt dials or create your own from any picture or shape. Watch this video to see Articulate CTO Arlyn Asch create compelling dial interactions.

Create game-like interactions easily with new trigger events. Just tell Storyline 3 what action to perform when objects intersect, stop intersecting, enter the slide, or leave the slide. And take motion path animations to a whole new level by orienting moving objects to the paths they're traveling, like a car rounding a curve or turning a corner.

In this video, Arlyn shows you how to use the new trigger events and enhanced motion paths in Storyline 3.

Isn't it amazing that Storyline 3 makes it so easy to create stunning interactions, without any coding? Explore these tutorials and practice activities to learn more about building interactions in Storyline 3.

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