Presenter '13: Adding Annotations and Recording Narration at the Same Time

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Adding annotations and recording narration at the same time

Here's how to add annotations and recording narration at the same time in Articulate Presenter.

Before Annotating...

Consider the following tips:

  • If your presentation includes animations, it's best to record narration or import audio first. Sync your animations. Then add annotations as described in this tutorial.
  • If you'd like to use PowerPoint's slide notes as a transcript while you're recording, go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, and click Options. Select the Other tab on the left edge of the window, and mark the box to Show notes pane on narration window. Click OK. (See Setting Presenter Options.)

Annotating Slides While Recording Narration

Here's how to annotate slides and record narration simultaneously:

  1. In PowerPoint, select the slide where you want to add annotations and record narration.
  2. Go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, and click Record Narration.
  3. When the recording window appears, mark the box to Show Annotation Tools.
  4. Before you start, choose how your annotations should display.
    • Show One: This option only lets one annotation display at at time. When an annotation appears on the slide, the previous annotation disappears.
    • Show All: This option lets multiple annotations remain on the slide at the same time.
    Tip: You can switch back and forth between these options while annotating.
  5. Choose one of the annotation Shapes, and use the Style options to customize its FillOutline, and Effects. (If you want to see how the shape will look, click anywhere on the slide before you begin recording. To remove your practice shapes, click Clear All.)Tip: To reset annotation shapes and styles to their default options, right-click any of the annotation shapes and choose Reset Annotations.
  6. Click Start Recording when you're ready to begin.
  7. At any point while you're narrating, click the screen where you want an annotation to appear. Continue adding annotations and recording your narration. If you need to switch to a different annotation shape or style, click the Pause button.Make your selections, and click Resume.Click Clear All at any time to remove all annotations that are currently displayed on the screen. (This won't delete any annotations. It'll simply hide them at the point in the narration when you clicked the button.)
  8. When you're finished annotating and recording for the current slide, click Stop Recording.
  9. Use the Play/Pause and Stop buttons to preview the slide.
    • If you're satisfied with the annotations but need to record the narration again, use the Annotation drop-down to select Don't Annotate. Then click Start Recording.
    • If you're satisfied with the narration but need to redo the annotations, click Save & Close. Then add annotations using this method.
    • If you need to redo the annotations and narration, use the Annotation drop-down to select Re-annotate. Then click Start Recording.
  10. When you're done, click Save & Close to return to PowerPoint, or use the slide selector to annotate and narrate a different slide.

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