Presenter '13: Adding a Glossary to the Player

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The Glossary in Articulate Presenter lets you add a set of terms and definitions to your course for quick reference. Learners access the glossary by clicking a tab on your player. (In order for the Glossary tab to show in your course, it needs to be enabled in your player. Learn more about that here.)

To add glossary definitions to your course, go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, and click Player:

When the Player Properties window appears, click the Glossary button.

Adding Terms and Definitions to Your Glossary

  1. Click the Add button (the icon that looks like a blank piece of paper) at the bottom of the Glossary window.
  2. When the Glossary Term window appears, enter a Term and its Definition in the fields provided.
  3. Click Save.

As you add glossary terms, Presenter alphabetizes them automatically.

Editing or Deleting Glossary Terms

The buttons at the bottom of the glossary window let you AddEdit, and Delete glossary terms.

Reusing a Glossary in Other Projects

When you add a glossary to a course, it gets saved in the project file, not in the player. In other words, if you save the player and apply it to another project, the glossary won't carry over to the new project.

The easiest way to reuse a glossary in another course is to make a copy of the entire course, then edit it as necessary. Here's how:

  1. First, create an Articulate Package of your presentation. An Articulate Package is a special zip file that contains all the resources for a course, including the PowerPoint file, the Articulate file, quiz files, and interaction files. Click here to learn more about creating Articulate Packages.
  2. When you're ready to begin a new presentation, extract the Articulate Package (zip file) on your local hard drive.
  3. Then rename the PowerPoint file and the corresponding Articulate file to whatever text you want to use for the new course. Important: Make sure the PowerPoint file and the Articulate file have exactly the same file name. They must match.
  4. Open the PowerPoint presentation, and edit it as needed to complete the new course.

If you later add, delete, or change any of the terms in your glossary, those changes won't carry over to other projects that use the same glossary. You'll need to make the same changes in each project separately.

Displaying the Glossary Only for Certain Slides

By default, built-in player tabs—like the Glossary—display for all slides in a course. If you want to hide them for certain slides, you can do that. To learn how, see this tutorial.

Changing the Name of the Glossary Tab

Want to change the title of the Glossary tab? Easy! The name comes from your player's text labels. If you need help editing text labels, see this tutorial.