Presenter '13: Displaying Notes in the Player

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The Notes feature in Articulate Presenter lets you display PowerPoint's slide notes as a tab on your course player. This is useful when you need a narration transcript or when you want to provide supplemental information.

In this tutorial, we'll look at how to add notes to your course, how to format them, and how to enable the Notes tab in the player.

Adding Notes to Your Course

Adding notes is easy! Just type the text you want in PowerPoint's notes pane for each slide.

If you don't see the notes pane, it's probably just minimized. Use your mouse to drag the boundary for the notes pane upward from the bottom of the window to expand it.

Another way to reveal PowerPoint's notes pane is to go to the View tab on the ribbon and click Normal.

Formatting Notes

To make your notes look the way you want, use PowerPoint's Font and Paragraph formatting options on the Home tab.

You may not actually see all your changes in PowerPoint's notes pane, such as font and color selections, but they'll show up when you publish with Presenter.

Another way to format your notes in PowerPoint and see all the changes is to go to the View tab and click Notes Page. Then use the same Font and Paragraph formatting options shown above.

Displaying the Notes Tab in Your Player

Now that you've added notes to your presentation and formatted them the way you want, do the following to add them to your player:

  1. Go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click Player.
  2. When the Player Properties window appears, mark the Notes box in the Player Tabs area.
  3. Then use the green arrows below the player tabs to move the Notes tab to the location on the player where you want it to display—the sidebar, topbar left, or topbar right.
  4. Click OK.

Displaying Notes Only for Certain Slides

By default, built-in player tabs—like Notes—display for all slides in a course. If you want to hide them for certain slides, you can do that. To learn how, see this tutorial.

Changing the Name of the Notes Tab

Want to change the title of the Notes tab? Easy! The name comes from your player's text labels. If you need help editing text labels, see this tutorial.