Presenter '13 User Guide

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This user guide shows you how to use every feature of Presenter '13, so you can transform PowerPoint slides into presentation-based courses. Support for custom slide sizes means you can go big or small, portrait or landscape. And with options for adding multimedia resources, web content, relatable characters, quizzes, interactions, and more, you can design courses that are informative and engaging.

Getting Started

  1. Creating a New Course
  2. Choosing a Presentation Size
  3. Setting Presenter Options
  4. Tips for Managing Project Files

Adding and Editing Audio

  1. Recording Narration
  2. Importing Audio
  3. Editing Audio
  4. Splitting a Single Audio File Across Multiple Slides
  5. Exporting Audio

Syncing Animations and Applying Slide Transitions

  1. Working with Animations and Slide Transitions
  2. Syncing Animations with Existing Narration
  3. Syncing Animations and Recording Narration at the Same Time
  4. Fine-Tuning Animation Timings
  5. Applying Slide Transitions

Adding Annotations

  1. Adding Annotations When Slides Already Have Audio
  2. Adding Annotations and Recording Narration at the Same Time
  3. Adding Annotations to Slides Without Audio
  4. Deleting Annotations

Adding Quizzes and Interactions

  1. Adding a Quiz to a Slide
  2. Adding a Quiz to a Player Tab
  3. Customizing Quiz Properties
  4. Adding an Interaction to a Slide
  5. Adding an Interaction to a Player Tab
  6. Customizing Interaction Properties

Adding and Editing Videos

  1. Adding a Video from a File
  2. Adding a Video from a Website
  3. Adding a Video from a Webcam
  4. Adding a Sidebar Video
  5. Editing a Video
  6. Editing Video Properties

Adding Characters, Flash Files, and Web Objects

  1. Adding and Editing Characters
  2. Adding Flash Files
  3. Adding Web Objects

Slide Properties, Presenter Bios, and Playlists

  1. Managing Slide Properties
  2. Managing Presenters
  3. Managing Playlists

Translating Content and Adding Alternate Text for Screen Readers

  1. Translating Courses
  2. Adding Alternate Text for Screen Readers

Customizing the Player

  1. Working with the Player
  2. Choosing Player Features
  3. Customizing the Player Menu
  4. Attaching Resources to the Player
  5. Adding a Glossary to the Player
  6. Displaying Notes in the Player
  7. Changing the Player Colors and Font
  8. Changing the Player's Text Labels
  9. Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size
  10. Changing the Player's Resume Behavior
  11. Enabling Right-to-Left Language Support
  12. Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts, Seeking, and Looping
  13. Setting the Quiz Timer Format
  14. Saving Your Player or Switching to a Different One

Previewing and Publishing a Presentation

  1. Previewing a Presentation
  2. Publishing a Presentation for Web
  3. Publishing a Presentation for LMS
  4. Publishing a Presentation for CD or Another Local Source
  5. Publishing a Presentation for Microsoft Word
  6. Publishing a Presentation for Mobile Devices