Quizmaker '13: Customizing Paragraph Attributes

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With Articulate Quizmaker's paragraph tools, you can customize attributes of entire text boxes or individual paragraphs within them. The paragraph tools are found on the Home tab when you're in Slide View.

Use the paragraph tools to do the following:

  • Apply bullets or numbering
  • Increase or decrease the indent
  • Increase or decrease the line spacing
  • Change the way text is justified (right, left, center, or full)
  • Change text orientation (left or right)
  • Change text rotation
  • Change vertical alignment (top, middle, or bottom)
  • Find and replace specific text

Working with the Paragraph Tools

Here are some tips for working with Quizmaker's paragraph tools:

  • Hover over any of the buttons in the Paragraph group to see its function.
  • If you select an entire text box and then apply formatting, it'll affect everything in that text box. If your text box has multiple paragraphs and you want to format just one of them, place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph, and then select your formatting options.
  • If you apply formatting to a text box and you want to use its attributes as the default for new text boxes within the same quiz, just right-click the text box and choose Set As Default Text Box. (This option isn't available for text placeholders on your slide master.)
  • If you're using a right-to-left language, select the text box, and click the Right-to-Left Text Direction button. This button is only available if you've installed a right-to-left input language in Windows. Click here for details.
  • For even more control over your text, right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. Select the Text Box tab on the left side of the window that appears. Learn more about formatting text boxes here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make formatting quicker, use the following shortcuts for common text-editing tasks:



Ctrl+ECenter align text
Ctrl+FFind and replace text
Ctrl+LLeft align text
Ctrl+RRight align text

Find even more keyboard shortcuts here.

Applying Consistent Paragraph Formatting Throughout Your Quiz

To make your design work easier and faster, leverage master slides for paragraph formatting. For guidance, see the following tutorials.