Quizmaker '13: Customizing Text Attributes

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Articulate Quizmaker offers several tools for formatting text. The font tools are found on the Home tab when you're in Slide View.

Use the font tools to customize the following:

  • Font
  • Text size
  • Text attributes such as bold, italic, underline, shadow, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, and case
  • Highlighting
  • Text color

You can also perform a spell check and even clear font formatting.

Working with the Font Tools

Here are some tips for working with Quizmaker's font tools:

  • Hover over any of the buttons in the Font group to see its function.
  • You can apply formatting to an entire text box, or to a single word or paragraph within the text box. To quickly select a word, just double-click it. To quickly select a paragraph, triple-click any word in the paragraph.
  • You can select multiple text boxes on a slide and format them all at once. Use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select more than one text box, or click and drag around the text boxes you want to select. Then choose your formatting options.
  • The colors available in the font color selector are determined by your quiz's theme colors. To change your theme colors, see this tutorial.
  • Click the Clear Formatting button to return the selected text to its default attributes.
  • For even more control over your text, right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. Select the Text Box tab on the left side of the window that appears. Learn more about formatting text boxes here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make formatting quicker, use the following shortcuts for common text-editing tasks:



F7Spell check
Ctrl+Shift+>Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+Decrease font size

Find even more keyboard shortcuts here.

Applying Consistent Text Formatting Throughout Your Quiz

Rather than formatting text individually on each slide, use theme fonts to make your design work easier and faster. You can set up a default heading font and default body font so that all new slides inherit the same fonts. Another shortcut is to leverage master slides for some of your font formatting. For more guidance, see the following tutorials: