Quizmaker '13: Editing Questions in Form View

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Form View is the starting view for most question slides you create in Articulate Quizmaker. Use Form View to enter the question text and answer choices. (Click here to learn more about adding slides.) Then edit the following properties:

Most question types also let you insert one image or video and one audio track in Form View (though you can add more than one of each in Slide View). Just click Media or Sound on the ribbon.

And some question types let you right-click answer choices to delete, anchor, or rearrange them. (See this tutorial to learn more about anchoring answers.)

Opening a Question in Form View

To open a question slide in Form View, do any of the following, depending on your current view.

Question List View:

  • Create a new graded question or survey question.
  • Double-click an existing question.
  • Select an existing question, go to the Home tab, and click Edit Question.
  • Right-click an existing question, and choose Edit Question.

Slide View:

Blank slidesslide mastersfeedback masters, and result slides don't have a Form View.

Using Slide View

For more control over the appearance of question slides and feedback layers, see Using Slide View.