Quizmaker '13: Line Style Formatting

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This tutorial covers the Line Style options on the Format Shape/Format Picture window. (Click here for an overview of the other formatting options on this window.)

This is where you control the appearance of the outline for the selected object.


Enter a value (in pixels), or use the arrows to increase or decrease the line width.

Compound Type

Use the selector to choose a style composed of multiple lines if that's preferable to a single line.

Dash Type

Use the selector to choose a dashed line style.

Cap Type

Use the selector to choose your preference for the line endings. Flat means there's no cap added to the line ending at all. Square and Round each add a cap shape. As an example, here are three lines of identical length, each with a different cap type:

Join Type

Use the selector to choose the style used where two lines connect with each other. As an example, here’s what each join style looks like on the corners of a square shape:

Arrow Settings

If the object you're working with is a line or arrow, use the Arrow settings to choose the beginning and ending types and sizes.