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Articulate Quizmaker's freeform text-entry question lets you design your own fill-in-the-blank question. It can be graded or ungraded.

Step 1: Insert a Freeform Text-Entry Question

There are two ways to create a freeform text-entry question. If you've already designed a blank slide that you want to use as a text-entry question, you can convert it into a freeform question. (Click here to learn how.) Or, you can insert a freeform text-entry question as described below.

  1. First, do any of the following to open the Insert Questions window:
    • In Question List View, go to the Home tab, and click Freeform Question.
    • In Question List View, press Ctrl+Q.
    • In Slide View, go to the Insert tab, and click Freeform Question.
    • In Slide View, right-click anywhere in the left navigation pane, and choose New Question.
    • In Slide View, press Ctrl+Q.
    • In Form View, go to the Home tab, and click Freeform Question.
  2. When the Insert Questions window opens, select the Freeform tab in the upper left corner, and click the Text Entry thumbnail.
  3. Click Insert.
  4. When you insert a freeform text-entry question, it'll open in Slide View with a text-entry field added to the slide. You can move, resize, and format the text-entry field like any other shape in Quizmaker. See Adjusting Properties for Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes, and Using the Format Shape or Format Picture Window.
  5. Add any other content that you need to design the rest of the slide. (See Inserting and Customizing Slide Content.)

Step 2: Define Acceptable Answers for Graded Questions

If your freeform text-entry question will be graded, switch to Form View, and type the acceptable answers into the answer grid. And if the acceptable answers are case-sensitive, be sure to mark the Answers are case sensitive box below the answer grid.

If the question doesn't have a correct answer, go to the Home tab, and select None from the Score drop-down to make it ungraded. (The answer grid will disappear.)

Step 3: Specify How the Question Will Be Submitted

Learners can click the built-in navigation buttons on the Quizmaker player to submit their text-entry response, but you can also provide an alternative submission method if you'd like.

  1. Click in the Submit Keys field at the bottom of the screen (you won't see a cursor), and press the key or combination of keys that'll submit the learner's answer. For example, you might press the Tab key or maybe a function key, depending on the design and purpose of your question. Just be careful not to choose keystrokes that are common keyboard shortcuts for web browsers (F1, Alt+D, Ctrl+T, etc.), since they'll affect the browser that the learner is using to view your quiz. Tip: The Enter key will always submit a text-entry question, so you won't need to specify it here.
  2. If you change your mind, you can either press the new key(s) you want to use, which updates the Submit Keys field, or you can click the Clear submit keys button (looks like a red X), which clears the field altogether.

Step 4: Customize Question Properties

After creating a freeform text-entry question, you can customize several of its attributes, including feedback, branching, score, number of attempts, and whether learners are required to answer or allowed to skip it. To learn how, see Working with the Question Editor.

Can I Convert a Freeform Question into a Non-Question Slide?

Yes, you can! Do either of the following:

  • In Slide View, go to the Insert tab, and click Remove Freeform. Click OK to confirm.
  • In Form View, go to the Home tab, and click Remove Freeform. Click OK to confirm.

When you remove freeform from a question, it becomes a standard content slide (known as a blank slide). Text and other objects remain intact. Only question-related properties, such as score and feedback, get removed. 

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