Quizmaker '13 User Guide

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This user guide shows you how to use every feature of Quizmaker '13, so you can create quizzes for your online courses. Quizmaker '13 has a streamlined user interface, support for custom quiz sizes, more media options, and additional question types.

Getting Started

  1. Creating a New Quiz
  2. Choosing a Quiz Size
  3. Setting Quiz Properties
  4. Creating and Using Quiz Templates
  5. Tips for Managing Quiz Files

Working with the Quizmaker Interface

  1. Using Normal View
  2. Changing the Interface Zoom Level
  3. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Setting Quizmaker Options

Working with the Question List

  1. Managing Slides
  2. Using Question Groups to Pool and Randomize Questions

Adding Slides

  1. Graded Questions
  2. Survey Questions
  3. Blank Slides
  4. Importing Questions
  5. Editing the Result Slide

Building Freeform Questions

  1. Freeform Questions
  2. Drag-and-Drop Questions
  3. Pick-One Questions
  4. Pick-Many Questions
  5. Text-Entry Questions
  6. Hotspot Questions

Working with the Question Editor

  1. Editing Questions in Form View
  2. Editing Questions in Slide View
  3. Shuffling Answer Choices
  4. Choosing Feedback and Branching Options
  5. Using the Feedback Window
  6. Working with Feedback Layers
  7. Assigning a Score to Graded Questions
  8. Choosing the Number of Attempts for Graded Questions
  9. Making Unscored Questions Required or Optional

Working with Pictures, Screenshots, and Characters

  1. Adding Pictures
  2. Adding Screenshots
  3. Adding Characters
  4. Changing the Style of a Character
  5. Adjusting Properties for Pictures, Screenshots, and Characters

Working with Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes

  1. Drawing Shapes
  2. Adding Captions, Chat Clouds, and Thought Clouds
  3. Adding Text Boxes
  4. Inserting Symbols
  5. Adding Hyperlinks
  6. Adding Scrolling Panels
  7. Adjusting Properties for Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes

Working with Text

  1. Customizing Text Attributes
  2. Customizing Paragraph Attributes
  3. Using the Find/Replace Feature
  4. Translating Quizzes
  5. Using the Clipboard

Formatting, Sizing, and Positioning Objects

  1. Formatting Radio Buttons and Check Boxes
  2. Applying Quick Styles
  3. Using the Format Shape/Format Picture Window
  4. Fill Formatting
  5. Line Color Formatting
  6. Line Style Formatting
  7. Shadow Formatting
  8. Picture Formatting
  9. Text Box Formatting
  10. Ordering, Grouping, Sizing, and Positioning Objects
  11. Using the Size and Position Window
  12. Setting Grid, Guide, and Ruler Preferences

Inserting and Customizing Media

  1. Adding Videos
  2. Editing Videos
  3. Adjusting Video Properties
  4. Adding Flash Files
  5. Adding Sound
  6. Editing Sound
  7. Using the Sound Tools
  8. Adding a Narration Script
  9. Adding Web Objects
  10. Editing Web Objects

Working with the Timeline

  1. Using the Timeline

Applying Animations and Slide Transitions

  1. Adding Entrance and Exit Animations to Objects
  2. Syncing Animations
  3. Adding Slide Transitions

Customizing Your Quiz Design

  1. Using Design Themes
  2. Working with Theme Colors
  3. Working with Theme Fonts
  4. Applying a Background Design
  5. Using Slide Masters
  6. Using Feedback Masters

Customizing the Player

  1. Working with the Player
  2. Choosing Player Features
  3. Customizing the Question List
  4. Changing the Player Colors and Font
  5. Changing the Player's Text Labels
  6. Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size
  7. Changing the Player's Resume Behavior
  8. Enabling Right-to-Left Language Support
  9. Saving Your Player or Switching to a Different One

Previewing and Publishing a Quiz

  1. Previewing a Quiz
  2. Publishing a Quiz to Articulate Presenter
  3. Publishing a Standalone Quiz for Web
  4. Publishing a Standalone Quiz for LMS
  5. Publishing a Standalone Quiz for CD or Another Local Source
  6. Publishing a Quiz for Microsoft Word
  7. Publishing a Standalone Quiz for Mobile Devices