Quizmaker '13: Using Design Themes

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Use design themes to create a consistent look throughout your quiz. A design theme consists of theme colorstheme fonts, and slide masters. Apply one theme to your entire quiz, or use different themes for different slides. It's your choice.

To view the available design themes, go to the Design tab on the Articulate Quizmaker ribbon, and click the arrow in the lower right of the thumbnail area to expand the list.

The theme assigned to the current slide will be shown with an orange outline and will appear in the section of the list called This Project. You'll also see a section for Custom themes you've created, and another for Built-In themes that come with Quizmaker.

Applying and Managing Themes

To apply a theme to all slides in your quiz, just left-click the thumbnail for the theme you want to use. To apply a theme to some, but not all, slides, right-click the thumbnail and choose one of the following options:

  • Apply to Matching Slides: This applies the theme to all slides that are using the same slide master as the currently selected slide. Slides that are based on other slide masters will remain unchanged. (You can achieve the same thing by left-clicking the theme thumbnail.)
  • Apply to All Slides: This applies the theme to all slides in your quiz.
  • Apply to Selected Slides: This applies the theme only to the slides that are currently selected.
  • Delete: This removes the theme from Quizmaker. (This option isn't available for built-in Quizmaker themes nor any themes that are currently being used in your quiz.)
  • Set As Default Theme: This designates the theme as the default for new quizzes you create.

Customizing the Design Theme

You can make changes to the current design theme by:

Saving a Custom Design Theme for Use in Other Quizzes

If you make changes to a design theme (including the theme colors or theme fonts), Quizmaker saves those customizations in the current quiz project file. If you'd like to use the same design theme in other quizzes, do this:

  1. Click the Design tab.
  2. Click the arrow in the lower right of the theme thumbnail area to expand the list.
  3. Choose Save Current Theme from the bottom of the list.
  4. Choose a name for your theme and click Save.

When you open a different quiz and click the Design tab, your custom theme will appear in the list of design thumbnails.

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