Quizmaker '13: Using Question Groups to Pool and Randomize Questions

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Arrange slides into groups to keep your quiz organized. For example, if your quiz covers several distinct topics, you might split your slides into logical groups.

Learners won't see these groups, but you can use groups to shuffle the questions they do see. You can also choose to show all the questions in each group or just a subset. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to manage question groups, randomize questions, and choose a sample size for learners.

Step 1: Organize Your Questions into Groups

Question groups are managed in Question List View. By default, a quiz has one question group.

To create a new group, click the Question Group button on the ribbon. A new group divider will be added to the end of your question list.

To change the default name for a question group, click its header once to select it. Then click it again to open it for editing. Type a new name, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

To add slides to an empty group, use your mouse to drag existing slides into the group, or create new ones. You can also delete groups and rearrange them. See Managing Slides.

Step 2: Randomize One or More Groups

Slides can be shuffled on a group-by-group basis, which means some groups in your quiz can be shuffled while others aren't. To shuffle the slides in a group, click the group header to select it, then click Randomize Group on the ribbon. The phrase "Randomize all questions" will be added to the group's header.

If you want to lock some slides in place so they don't shuffle with the rest of the group, you can do that, too. Select the slide you want to lock. Then do either of the following:

  • Right-click it, scroll to Lock Question, and choose one of the options.
  • Click the Lock Question drop-down on the ribbon, and choose one of the options.

Step 3: Choose the Sample Size

When you randomize a group, all questions in that group get shuffled and displayed to learners. But you can change the number of questions that get displayed. Just click the group header to select it, and use the Include drop-down on the ribbon to choose the number of questions you want to draw from the group.

When you choose something other than All, the phrase "Randomize, include # questions" will be added to the group's header (where represents the number you selected from the Include drop-down).

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