Quizmaker '13: Working with the Player

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In Articulate Quizmaker, the term "player" refers to the interface that appears around the perimeter of your slides. It holds the navigation buttons and things like a clickable question list, a seekbar, and a volume controller.

It's easy to make the player look the way you want. You can even customize it with specific colors. To access the player settings, go to the Home tab on the Quizmaker ribbon, and click Player.

The Player Properties window will appear where you can customize just about any part of the player or even switch to a different player. The following tutorials will show you how:

Choosing Player Features
Customizing the Question List
Changing the Player Colors and Font
Changing the Player's Text Labels
Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size
Changing the Player's Resume Behavior
Enabling Right-to-Left Language Support
Saving Your Player or Switching to a Different One