Rise 360: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Lesson Templates

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Prevent, recognize, challenge, and address harassment at work.

March 28, 2022

Changed title from Sexual Harassment to Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, plus updates for all lessons:

  • Building a Respectful Workplace
    • Clarified the definition of “respect"
    • Switched out the quote
    • Replaced the content in “Building a Respectful Workplace” to focus on what all employees can do—and not just managers
  • Understanding Harassment and Discrimination
    • Clarified the definition of “discrimination”
    • Added examples of protected characteristics by federal and state law
    • Included a new section that distinguishes the difference between intention and impact
    • Added additional examples throughout the lesson
  • Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws
    • Expanded the definitions of the four workplace anti-discrimination laws and clarified how companies can stay compliant. We also restructured the lesson to account for that extra content.
    • Added a new section that reminds learners of additional state and city anti-discrimination laws
  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
    • Clarified the definition of “sexual harassment”
    • Gave extra feedback on the “Check Your Understanding” flashcards
    • Expanded the definitions of Quid Pro Quo and a Hostile Work Environment—and restructured those sections based on the new content
  • Forms of Sexual Harassment and Their Consequences
    • Updated the section “Sexual Harassment Is Bad for Business”
    • Updated and explained the section “Potential Consequences for the Harasser”
  • What to Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work
    • Gave additional examples re: what retaliation looks like
    • Updated the section “What Can You Do if You’re Sexually Harassed?” to offer extra clarity regarding how a learner might report harassment outside their company.
    • Gave new recommendations in the “Recovering From Sexual Harassment” section
  • Bystander Intervention
    • Updated the content in the “3 Stages of Intervention” section
    • Expanded content in the “How to Intervene Safely and Effectively” section
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment as a Supervisor
    • Clarified how, exactly, preventing sexual harassment is a supervisor’s legal obligation
    • Added some extra content to each of the five tips for preventing sexual harassment
    • Updated some of the feedback in the lesson’s knowledge checks
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints
    • Updated the “What’s Considered a Complaint?” section with a more in-depth description and examples
    • Added an additional “Don’t” to the “Don’t Do That” section