Rise 360: SCORM 1.2 Course Is Never Completed in Saba LMS

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Rise 360 SCORM 1.2 courses may never be marked completed or passed in a Saba LMS. Saba uses cmi.core.exit differently than most other LMSs, which can prevent content from registering completion.

The good news is we created a custom SCORM driver for Saba users so your Rise 360 courses will work as expected. Do this for each Rise 360 course:

  1. Download this zip file to your computer and fully extract it. (It contains the custom SCORM driver.)
  2. Export your Rise 360 course as a SCORM 1.2 LMS package and save it to your computer.
  3. Extract the zip file containing your Rise 360 course, then open the scormdriver folder.
  4. Copy the custom scormdriver.js file from step 1 into the scormdriver folder in step 3 and overwrite the existing file when prompted.
  5. Now zip the files for your modified Rise 360 course and upload it to your LMS. (Don't zip the folder that contains your Rise 360 course, just the course files.)