Storyline 1: Adding Button Sets

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Button sets enable you to create interactions in which a learner can select just one object at a time out of a group of objects. This is cool because it allows you to make just about any objects behave like radio buttons. The feature works great with Storyline's ready-made buttons, as well as other objects such as pictures, screenshots, shapes, captions, characters, markers, and more.

For example, let's say you've inserted three characters on your slide, and you want the learner to select one (and only one) of the three. If you turn the characters into a button set, then when a learner selects any of the three characters, any currently selected character will automatically become unselected.

You can even have multiple button sets on a single slide. Learners will be able to select one object out of each button set you create.

Here's how to turn a set of objects into a button set:

  1. Select the objects by shift-clicking or by dragging a selection area around the objects you want to turn into a button set.
  2. Right-click the selection and choose Button Set.
  3. Choose either Button set 1 (this is the default name for the first button set you create on any slide), or choose New set and add a name:Tip: If you already inserted some actual radio buttons on your slide via the Insert tab, these default to being part of Button set 1—so, unless you want other objects to be part of the same button set, it's best to choose New set and enter whatever name you like. The name you choose is something only you will see, not your learners.

That's it! If the objects you selected don't already have a Selected state, Storyline creates one. You can see what it looks like by viewing the States panel below your slide:

Now that you've created a button set, when you preview or publish this slide, learners will only be able to select one item at a time from the objects that make up that button set.

You can have as many button sets on a single slide as you like.

Changing the Appearance of the Selected State

If you don't like the way the selected state on any object looks, you can change it. Just select the object, click the Edit States button in the States panel, choose the Selected state, and make your changes. For more help with customizing object states, see the tutorial on Adding and Editing States.

Adding or Removing Items in a Button Set

To add another item to an existing button set, right-click the item, choose Button Set, and choose the button set you want that item to be part of.

To remove an item from a button set, right-click the item, choose Button Set, and choose (none).

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