Storyline 1: Importing Slides from PowerPoint

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You can import PowerPoint presentations into Storyline to leverage your existing content and take advantage of the rich feature set that Storyline offers.  Here's how:

Note:  Importing PowerPoint content into Storyline is not an exact one-to-one conversion. As a result, text may look a bit different. And although most features in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter are supported in Storyline, some are not. Click here for details.
  1. If you're getting ready to start a new project, you can click the Import PowerPoint option on the welcome screen, and then proceed to step 2 below.Or, at any time, click the round Articulate button in the upper left corner, scroll to Import, and select PowerPoint. Then proceed to step 2 below.Otherwise, start by opening the import dialog by doing any one of the following:
    • Go to the Home tab, click New Slide, select the Import tab, and click the PowerPoint option.
    • Go to the Insert tab, click New Slide, select the Import tab, and click the PowerPoint option.
    • In Story View, right-click anywhere in the workspace, select New Slide, select the Import tab, and click the PowerPoint option.
    • In Normal View, right-click anywhere in the left navigation pane, select New Slide, select the Import tab, and click the PowerPoint option.
  2. Then browse to and select the PowerPoint file that contains the slides you want to import, and click the Open button.
    • Note:  If you're importing a PowerPoint file that includes Articulate Presenter '09 resources (such as audio), be sure that the *.ppta file is located in the same folder as the PowerPoint file. Otherwise, Storyline will only import the PowerPoint slides but not the corresponding Presenter resources. (Presenter does not need to be installed to import PowerPoint/Presenter content.)
  3. If you opened the wrong PowerPoint file or want to select a different PowerPoint file, click the ellipsis (…) button in the upper right corner to browse for another file.
  4. Storyline will display thumbnail images for all the slides in the presentation.  Select the slides you want to import:
    • By default, all slides will be selected and imported unless you specify otherwise.  You can tell which slides are "selected" by their yellow outline.
    • To select or deselect a specific slide, simply click it, and the yellow outline will either appear or disappear to indicate its status.
    • You can also use the Select All and None hyperlinks in the upper right corner to quickly select all the slides or to deselect all the slides at once.
  5. Use the Insert into scene drop-down list at the bottom of the window to specify where you want the PowerPoint slides to be inserted in your story.  You can insert them into a new scene, which is the default option, or you can choose an existing scene.  If you choose to insert a new scene, use the Scene field to assign a name to the new scene.
  6. Click the Import button to complete the process.
    • Note:  If your presentation includes Quizmaker quizzes or Engage interactions and you encounter an error message that one or more of them could not be found, review this article to find out how to correct it.