Storyline 1: Inserting Symbols

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The Symbols feature in Storyline allows you to easily add characters that aren't normally on a keyboard, such as copyright symbols, trademark symbols, paragraph marks, accented characters, and Unicode characters.

Here's how to add a symbol:

  1. Create a text box, shape or caption on your slide, or select an existing one. If there's already text in the object, place your cursor within it.
  2. Click the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon.
  3. Choose Symbol.
  4. You can insert any symbol shown in the list by double-clicking it or by selecting it and then clicking Insert. If you don't see the symbol you want, you can:
    • Browse additional symbols by choosing a different font from the Font selector in the upper-left of the window.
    • Choose a different character set in the from: selector in the lower-right of the window. 
    • If you've chosen the Unicode (hex) character set in the from selector, you can also choose a different Subset of characters in the upper-right of the window.
    • If you know the character code, you can enter it in the Character code field directly.

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