Storyline 1: Submitting Answers All at Once

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By default, question slides in Storyline will have a Submit button, meaning that each answer will be submitted one at a time for evaluation, and feedback will be displayed immediately after each slide (if you have feedback enabled).  But what if you'd rather have all the answers submitted at the same time at the end of the quiz?  No problem.  You can do that, too.  You’ll need to change the navigation controls for your question slides to Prev and Next buttons rather than the default Submit button.  Here’s how:

If Your Quiz Slides Are in a Question Bank...

  1. If your quiz slides are in a question bank, open the question bank for editing.  The quickest and easiest method is to go to the Home tab when you are in Story View.  Then click the Question Banks button, and select the name of the question bank that you want to edit.
  2. When the question bank editor opens, select the first slide in the list, and then use the Slide panel in the lower right corner to uncheck the Submit box and to check the Prev and Next boxes.
  3. Select the next slide in your question bank, and repeat step 2 until the navigation controls have been changed for all the slides in your question bank.

If Your Quiz Slides Aren't in a Question Bank...

  1. If your quiz slides are not in a question bank, switch to Story View.
  2. Select all your quiz slides (except result slides).  You can use SHIFT+Click to select consecutive slides or CTRL+Click to select non-consecutive slides.
  3. Then use the Slide panel in the lower right corner to uncheck the Submit box and to check the Prev and Next boxes. This will change the navigation controls for all the selected slides at the same time.

What Happens If Learners Skip Questions Without Answering?

When you use the Prev and Next navigation buttons rather than the default Submit button for question slides, it is easy for users to skip questions without answering them.  If they reach the result slide without answering all the questions, be aware that this will impact the tabulated results.  

Therefore, if you want users to answer all the questions, you may also want to review this tutorial, which describes how you can ask users to confirm that they have answered all the questions and are ready to submit their answers before they get to the result slide.

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