Storyline 1: Understanding Question Banks

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Use question banks to manage groups of questions in a Storyline project.  Question banks make it easy to assemble, use, and even reuse questions.

Although question banks are generally used for storing question slides, you aren't limited to question slides.  You can add content slides as well.

Slides in a question bank will not be visible to your users in the published content unless you draw them into the story. When you draw slides from a question bank into your story, you can choose to display all of them or just a subset.  You can also randomize the questions if you prefer.

Question banks are file-specific, meaning they only pertain to the story in which they're located.  However, like any other slides in your story, question bank slides can be imported into a different story if you want to reuse them.

To learn how to create question banks and how to draw from them, click the tutorials at the right.