Storyline 1: Using Basic Layouts

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When you need to add a new slide to your Storyline project, you can start with one of the Basic Layouts. These are slide layouts that are organized by theme. Here's how to insert a new slide by using the Basic Layouts available:

  1. From Normal View or Story View, click the Insert tab and choose New Slide.
  2. Choose the Basic Layouts tab on the left edge of the window. Storyline displays the layouts associated with any theme currently being used in your project.
  3. Select the slide layout you want to use for the new slide you're inserting. You can click the triangle next to any theme name to collapse or expand the view.
  4. Click Insert to insert the new slide.

Storyline inserts the new slide in your course, using the layout you chose. If there are placeholders on the layout, you can click them to customize your slide with whatever content you like.

How to Add Custom Themes to the Insert Slides Window

To add more themed slide layouts to the Basic Layout choices, you can do either of the following:

  • Go to Normal View for any slide. On the Design tab, select one of the ready-made design themes by right-clicking the theme and choosing Apply to all slides or Apply only to this slide. Once you do, all the layouts associated with that theme will become available on the Basic Layouts section of the Insert Slides window.
  • Or, create and apply a new theme within the current project, using the guidelines in this tutorial. Any layouts that you create as part of a new theme will be available in the Basic Layouts section of the Insert Slides window.

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