Storyline 2: Adding Button Sets

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Button sets let you create interactions where the learner is able to select only one object at a time from a group of objects. In other words, button sets force objects to behave like radio buttons, and you can add almost any object to a button set—buttons, pictures, shapes, characters, and more. When a learner selects one object from the set, the others automatically become deselected. You can even have multiple button sets on a single slide.

Adding Objects to a Button Set

  1. Select the objects you want to use in a button set.
  2. Right-click them and scroll to Button Set.
  3. Choose either Button Set 1 (the default button set for every slide) or New Set. If you choose New Set, enter a name for your button set and click Add.

Here are some tips for working with button sets:

  • To add more objects to an existing button set later, just right-click the objects, scroll to Button Set, and choose the button set you want to use.
  • Radio buttons are automatically added to Button Set 1, so you won't need to add them to a button set unless you're using multiple button sets on the same slide.

Removing Objects from a Button Set

To remove an object from a button set, right-click it, scroll to Button Set, and choose (none).

Changing the Appearance of the Selected State

If the objects you added to a button set don't already have a Selected state, Articulate Storyline creates one for you.

To modify the Selected state, click Edit States, choose the Selected state, and make your changes. For help with states, see this tutorial.

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