Storyline 2: Converting an Existing Slide to a Freeform Interaction

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The Convert to Freeform option lets you turn any content into a freeform question or interaction. For example, you might convert pictures into a multiple-choice question, hotspots into a multiple-response question, or photographic characters into a drag-and-drop interaction. The possibilities are limitless.

Converting a Slide into a Freeform Interaction

  1. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Convert to Freeform.
  2. Choose one of the freeform interaction types and click OK.
  3. The question editor will appear, where you can choose the items you want to use in your interaction and how they'll behave. Each freeform interaction has different options. To learn more, see these tutorials:

Editing a Freeform Interaction Later

You can edit the behavior of a freeform interaction at any time. Just go to the interaction slide and click Form View in the Question panel in the upper right corner.

Changing the Freeform Interaction Back to a Standard Slide

If you change your mind about a freeform interaction, you can convert it back to a standard slide. In Slide View, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Remove Freeform.

Slide objects will remain, but the question elements (feedback, score, etc.) will be removed.