Storyline 2: Drawing Slides from a Question Bank

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After creating a question bank and populating it with question slides, you can draw one or more slides from it to create dynamic quizzes in your Articulate Storyline course. You can even randomize question draws to keep quizzes from being predictable.

Multiple question draws can be pulled from the same question bank, which means you can reuse the same questions throughout your course. For example, you might create a question draw in the middle of your course as an ungraded knowledge check, then create another question draw at the end of your course as a graded assessment.

Adding Question Draws

Select the scene in your course where you want to add a question draw (or create a new scene), then do the following:

  1. Begin a new question draw in either of the following ways:
    • Switch to Story View, click Question Banks, and select New Draw from Question Bank.
    • Press Ctrl+M to open the Insert Slides window, select the Quizzing tab on the left, and click Draw from Bank at the top of the window.
  2. If you have more than one question bank in your project, use the Question Bank drop-down to select the one you want. (If you need to edit the question bank, click the Edit question bank link beside the drop-down.)
  3. To display questions in a random order, mark the box to Draw questions randomly.
  4. Use the Include drop-down to choose the number of questions you want to draw from the bank. (This option will be grayed out if you didn't randomize your questions.)
  5. Use the Include in Shuffle column in the question grid to decide whether each question will be Randomly displayed (which is the default option), Never displayed, or Always displayed in this particular question draw.
  6. Locking slides affects how they're randomized and drawn into your course. For example, you might lock a slide to the top of your question draw so it'll always appear first in your quiz, regardless of how the other slides are randomized.

    To lock a slide, click Lock Question at the bottom of the window and choose one of the locking options. You can lock a slide to the question immediately above/below it or to the top/bottom of the question draw. If you change your mind, you can remove the lock.
  7. To reorder slides for your question draw, simply drag them to a new location in the grid, or click Move Question at the bottom of the window and select Up/Down.
  8. When you've finished making your selections, click Insert to complete the question draw. The placeholder slide for question draws looks like this in Slide View.The placeholder thumbnail for question draws looks like this in Story View.

Editing Question Draws

If you need to change the parameters for an existing question draw, such as randomization or how many questions will be included, switch to Slide View and click the top half of the placeholder slide—Click to view the slide draw.

On the other hand, if you need to edit the question bank from which the questions will be drawn, click the bottom half of the placeholder slide—Click to view the question bank. (Learn more about editing question banks.)

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