Storyline 2: Pick-One Questions

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Articulate Storyline's freeform pick one question behaves like a multiple-choice question, but instead of using text as your answer choices, you can use objects—pictures, characters, shapes, buttons, and more.

Step 1: Insert a Freeform Pick One Question

There are two ways to create a pick one question. If you've already added objects to an existing slide, you can convert it into a freeform question. If you'd prefer to start from scratch, do this:

  1. First, do any of the following to open the Insert Slides window:
    • Press Ctrl+M.
    • Go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click New Slide.
    • Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click New Slide.
    • In Story View, right-click anywhere in the workspace and choose New Slide.
    • In Slide View, right-click anywhere in the Scenes panel on the left side of the screen and choose New Slide.
  2. When the Insert Slides window opens, select the Quizzing tab on the left.
  3. Click the Freeform tab at the top of the window and select Pick One.
  4. Click Insert.
  5. A new pick one question will open in Slide View. Add objects to the slide that'll function as answer choices. (See Adding and Editing Slide Content.)
  6. Switch to Form View and proceed to the next step to identify your answer choices.

Step 2: Identify the Answer Choices

In Form View, identify the objects you want to use as answer choices, and if your freeform pick one question will be graded, select the correct response. Here's how:

  1. Place your cursor in the Choice column, and use the drop-down selector to identify the objects that you want to convert to answer choices. As you scroll over the items in the list, Storyline outlines them in red on the slide thumbnail on the right side of the screen, so you can see what you're selecting.
  2. If your freeform pick one question will be graded, mark the radio button in the Correct column that corresponds to the right answer.If your question doesn't have correct and incorrect responses, go to the Question tab on the ribbon and select None from the Score drop-down to make it ungraded. (The Correct column will disappear.)

Step 3 (Optional): Modify the Selected State for Answer Choices

Storyline adds a Selected state to each answer choice and gives it a glow effect. When a learner chooses an item, its Selected state will automatically be invoked, so it'll be obvious which item they've chosen.

You can modify the Selected state with different formatting. To learn how, see Adding and Editing States.

The default color for the glow effect comes from your theme colors, specifically Accent 5. To learn more about theme colors, see Working with Theme Colors.

Step 4: Customize Question Properties

After creating a freeform pick one question, you can customize several of its attributes, including shuffling of answer choices, feedback, branching, score, number of attempts, and whether learners are required to answer it or allowed to skip it. To learn how, see Working with the Question Editor.

Can I Convert a Freeform Question into a Non-Question Slide?

Yes. It's easy—Just go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Remove Freeform.

When you remove freeform functionality from a question, it becomes a standard content slide. Text and other objects remain intact. Only question-related properties, such as score and feedback, are removed. 

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