Storyline 2: Shortcut-Key Questions

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Articulate Storyline's freeform shortcut-key question lets learners answer by pressing a key or combination of keys on their keyboard. You might use shortcut-key questions for software training, teaching children the alphabet, or adding game elements to your course.

Step 1: Add a Non-Question Slide and Convert It to a Freeform Question

To create a shortcut-key question, you must first add a non-question slide to your project, then convert it to a freeform question slide. (Add instructions for your learners, so they'll know how to respond.)

After designing the slide to look the way you want, do the following to convert it to a shortcut-key question:

    1. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Convert to Freeform.
    2. Select Shortcut Key and click OK.

The slide will automatically switch to Form View, where you can define the correct response.

Step 2: Define the Correct Key or Combination of Keys

In Form View, place your cursor in the Key field, and press the key or combination of keys for the correct response.

Tip: Be sure to test shortcut-key questions in your published output. If the key combinations are common shortcuts in browsers (Alt+D, Ctrl+T, etc.), learners may experience unexpected behavior in the published course.

Step 3: Customize Question Properties

After creating a shortcut-key question, you can customize several of its attributes, including feedback, branching, score, number of attempts, and whether learners are required to answer it or allowed to skip it. To learn how, see Working with the Question Editor.

Can I Convert a Freeform Question into a Non-Question Slide?

Yes. It's easy—Just go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Remove Freeform.

When you remove freeform functionality from a question, it becomes a standard content slide. Text and other objects remain intact. Only question-related properties, such as score and feedback, are removed. 

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