Storyline 3: Silent Installation

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Here's how to perform a silent or unattended installation of Storyline 3. From a command prompt or batch file, execute the following command (replace path with the actual file path to the Storyline installation file):

"path\storyline-3.exe" /quiet

That's it. You won't see anything happen on the screen for a few minutes until the Storyline icon appears on your desktop.

Adding Optional Command Line Parameters

You can use either of the following parameters to customize your Storyline installation. Just add the parameters you want to the end of the command line above. (Don't use slashes before these parameters.)

Here's an example of how your command might look if you added both optional parameters:

"C:\storyline-3.exe" InstallFolder="D:\Articulate Storyline 3" Serial=SL3-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX /quiet




Use this parameter to change the default installation folder. Just replace path with the actual file path for the directory you want to use.


Use the serial parameter to silently activate Storyline with your serial number.

  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • Your firewall must allow access to
  • You must install/activate the software while logged into the computer as the end user.

When silently activated, the end user won't be prompted to activate, and the serial number won't show on the About box.

Setting Storyline Options in the Registry

You can also set the following Storyline options in the registry either manually or via script. (Log into the computer as the Storyline end user before editing the registry.)

Check for updates at startup

The check for updates feature is enabled by default. It periodically checks for free software updates and notifies you when one is available. If you'd prefer not to check for updates, set this key to false.


Enable publishing for manual upload to Articulate Online

If you use Articulate Online to track learners' progress and results, you'd normally publish and upload your content at the same time. But if you need to publish locally first and then manually upload your content later, set this key to 1.


For details on manually uploading content to Articulate Online, see this user guide.

Interface Language

The Storyline interface defaults to English en-US. To change it, set this key to one of the following values.