Storyline 360: Lost Connectivity Alert

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Notify learners when they lose their internet connection, so they don't lose their progress. Starting with Storyline 360's November 2022 update, learners see a message stating they're offline on desktop and mobile devices when they attempt to navigate to another slide without an internet connection. And they can't proceed with the course until they reconnect.

The notification color contrasts with the modern player theme color to aid visibility. For example, a dark theme displays a white notification with dark text and vice versa, as shown below. 

The classic player always displays a white notification with dark text.

Publish your project with the Storyline 360 November 2022 update or later to automatically enable this feature.

The offline notification appears in the published course when an LMS statement fails to record. The LMS statement keeps attempting to record until the learner's network connection is restored. When the LMS statement successfully records, the offline notification disappears, and the learner can continue taking the course.


This feature is exclusive to Storyline 360, beginning with the November 2022 update. However, it doesn't affect compatibility. You can open project files that use the new enhancement in Storyline 3 and older versions of Storyline 360.