Storyline: Slides Blink or Flicker in Internet Explorer 11

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Note: We stopped supporting Internet Explorer (IE11) in 2022. Read this article to learn more about this change.

Storyline HTML5 courses may briefly blink, flicker, or shake when navigating between slides in Internet Explorer 11. This happens when there are objects outside the slide stage or objects on the slide that spill outside the slide area. Most browsers ignore these off-stage elements, but Internet Explorer attempts to display them, which causes the flicker effect.

Here are some ways you can avoid this behavior:

  • Delete unused objects that are outside the slide stage, crop images that are partially outside the slide, or move objects so they're completely on the slide.
  • Place hotspots over objects that are outside the slide stage to hide them from Internet Explorer. When an off-stage object is interactive, such as a button, you might need to add a trigger to the hotpsot to duplicate the behavior of the interactive object. When an object isn't interactive, such as a picture, you don't need to add a trigger to the hotspot.
  • Switch to another browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.