Storyline and Quizmaker: Timeline Audio Won't Play Through Headphones

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If timeline audio no longer plays through your headphones in Storyline or Quizmaker, a recent Adobe Flash Player update might be the problem. The good news is it's easy to fix.

Flash Player 27 added a new audio output setting. However, more recent Flash Player updates removed the audio output setting, because it caused problems with some audio devices.

The best solution is to install the latest Flash Player update to hear audio through your headphones again. If you're using Windows 10 or Windows 8, simply install the latest Windows updates to get the Flash Player updates. If you're using Windows 7, visit this page in Internet Explorer to install the latest Flash Player update.

If you aren't able to update your Flash Player right now, here's how to configure the Flash Player settings to play audio through your headphones:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Even if you generally use a different browser, you'll need to use Internet Explorer for this process.
  2. Launch any Flash content in Internet Explorer, such as this sample Storyline course.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose Settings from the context menu that appears.
  4. When the Adobe Flash Player Settings appear, click the audio output tab. It looks like a speaker icon.
  5. Use the Audio Output drop-down list to select your headphones.
  6. Close the Adobe Flash Player Settings window.
  7. Close and reopen Storyline or Quizmaker, then make sure timeline audio is playing through your headphones as expected.

Click here to see a video demonstration of this process.