Storyline and Studio: Media Doesn't Autoplay When Slides Advance Automatically

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Some web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, no longer allow audio and video content to autoplay. Here's how this behavior affects your Storyline and Studio courses.

Media on the First Slide

Due to the new autoplay policies in some browsers, audio and video on the first slide of a course might not work. To fix this problem, we added a play button to Storyline and Studio courses that have audio or video introductions. By clicking the play button, learners give their browsers permission to play the media. (And as of July 2021, you can customize the play button screen by adding a course cover photo.) See these articles for details:

Media on Other Slides

Audio and video content on other slides in your course should play as expected. However, if your slides are set to advance automatically without any interaction, media might not work since learners haven't given their browsers permission to play it.

To make sure media plays correctly throughout your course, set the slide that comes before each audio clip and video to advance only when learners click a button or interact with it in some way. For example, if you have a video on slide 2, set slide 1 to advance when learners click the "next" button or another button on the slide.

When audio or video content is on a layer in Storyline, don't display the layer automatically. Ask learners to click a button or interact with another object on the slide before showing the layer. Then the media will play as expected.