Articulate Presenter Translation Doesn't Include PowerPoint Content

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Articulate Presenter lets you translate all Articulate-related items, including player elements (slide titles, navigation buttons, player tabs, etc.), embedded quizzes, and embedded interactions. However, PowerPoint slide content and notes will need to be translated separately, using Microsoft Office (2007; 2010 and later) or a third-party service.

With the numerous options available for translating PowerPoint content, we decided it was best not to reinvent that part of the process and risk breaking other PowerPoint elements. It's often easier and more accurate to provide translators with a copy of the PowerPoint file rather than extracting its text, letting them translate in context with the other slide objects.

Tip: If you don't see the Translate option on the Articulate tab in PowerPoint, install the latest update to take advantage of all the new features and fixes.