Storyline 1 Doesn't Support Motion Paths

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Storyline 1 doesn't currently support motion paths. (Good news! Storyline 2 and later have motion path animations.)

Note: When you import a PowerPoint presentation with motion paths into Storyline, the motion paths will be removed during the import process.

In the meantime, you may be able to simulate motion paths in Storyline 1 using either of these options:

  • Create several duplicate copies of the object that you want to move along a path, and place them at various points along that path. Then use animations to fade each object in and out, one after the other, to create the impression of movement.
  • If you have PowerPoint 2010 or later, create your motion path in PowerPoint the way you want it to appear. Then save the presentation as a video, and insert the resulting video into Storyline. (In PowerPoint 2010, go to File > Save & Send > Create a Video. In PowerPoint 2013, go to File > Export > Create a Video.)

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