Articulate Online: What to Do When Information is Missing in Attempt Detail Reports

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When running the Attempt Detail (How did a user answer?) report you might not see all the answers that a user submitted if the user has taken the quiz more than once and selected to resume the quiz.

When a user takes a quiz, Quizmaker will only report questions that were answered during that attempt; it will not resubmit the questions answered in previous attempts.  Quizmaker only submits the answers once to prevent data in the Answer Breakdown report from showing duplicate results from a resumed attempt.

So if a user takes a quiz and finishes it, then relaunches and selects to resume, the attempt detail report will show the score from the resumed attempt, but will not show any question level detail for that attempt.

You can, however, run the Attempt Detail report on previous attempts by doing the following:

  1. Select the Report tab in Articulate Online.
  2. Select Attempt Detail: How did a user answer?
  3. Select the quiz from the list of quizzes.
  4. Select the earlier attempts for that user from the list of attempts.