Legacy Apps: Autorun Doesn't Work When Published Output Is Burned to a CD

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You may find that CD-published content doesn't always autorun as you'd expect. See the following reasons and solutions, depending on the type of computer you're using.

You're Using a Windows PC

There's an autorun.inf file in CD-published output that lets your course automatically launch when it's burned to a CD and played on a Windows PC.

If your course doesn't autorun as expected, make sure the published output is burned to the root of the CD, not a folder on the CD.

If your course still won't autoplay, see these Microsoft articles for solutions:

You're Using a Mac

CD-published content launches from an executable (*.exe) file. Since executable files aren't compatible with Mac computers, your content won't automatically launch.

You can manually launch CD-published content on a Mac by double-clicking the story.html, presentation.html, quiz.html, or interaction.html file in your published output (depending on the authoring app you used to create the content). However, local security restrictions may prevent your published output from working properly.

For the best viewing experience on a Mac, we recommend publishing for web or LMS.