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Here are answers to common questions about character packs:

What are character packs?

Character packs let you connect more fully with learners by adding realistic, photographic characters to your courses. Each high-resolution character pack includes 140+ poses, plus torso and headshots. Perpetual licenses of Storyline and Studio come with several packs (details below).

Can I buy more characters?

Additional character packs for perpetual licenses of Storyline and Studio are no longer available for purchase. For full access to our ever-expanding Content Library 360 of characters and other gorgeous course assets, check out Articulate 360.

What size/resolution are photographic characters?

Photographic characters are high resolution images. Each pose is available in three cropped versions. The dimensions of each crop are roughly as follows:

  • Headshot: 1160 x 900
  • Torso: 960 x 1080
  • Full: 820 x 2100

Are character packs included with Storyline and Studio?

Storyline 1, 2, and 3 and Studio '13 ship with one photographic character pack and 40 illustrated character packs, so you can add more than 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions, and poses to your courses.

Will characters work with all Articulate products?

Storyline 3Characters are natively supported.
Storyline 2Characters are natively supported.
Storyline 1Characters are natively supported.
Studio '13Characters are natively supported.
Studio '09

You can use characters in Articulate Studio '09 content, but it's not a native experience. Here's how:

  1. Insert the character—with the expression and pose you want—into a slide in Storyline or Studio '13.
  2. Right-click the character, an select Save as Picture.
  3. Then import the saved picture into Presenter '09, Quizmaker '09, or Engage '09.

How do I install or uninstall character packs?

For instructions on installing character packs, click here. To uninstall, click here.

Can character packs be used outside of Articulate products?

Licensing of the character packs permits use only with Articulate products.

Can characters be modified?

Yes, you're free to modify characters to suit your needs.